Bridgette 'Basic'<br>Uppercase Letter Set<br>3mm

Bridgette 'Basic'<br>Uppercase Letter Set<br>3mm


Bridgette 'Basic'
Uppercase Letter Set

ImpressArt's Bridgette letter stamps have a whimsical and fun, hand-written look, but they are also crisp and easy to read, making this a great typeface for beginners. This letter stamp set is the perfect blend of graceful and quirky. It’s ideal for delivering upbeat messages and softer-looking stamped jewellery and craft designs.

Size: 3mm (will stamp letters approximately 3mm tall).
Stamps soft metals-gold, silver, pewter, nickel, copper, brass, alkeme, aluminium. Not suitable for stamping on hard metals like Stainless Steel.
Stamps are not plated and will oxidise if oil is wiped off. Keep dry and away from moisture. Apply oil to protect against rust when stored.
Each stamp is not labelled.
Letter sets include A - Z and Ampersand stamps.
Simple plastic storage case.


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