Basic Homeroom<br>Uppercase Letter Set<br>3mm

Basic Homeroom<br>Uppercase Letter Set<br>3mm


Basic Homeroom
Uppercase Letter Set

School is always in session when stamping ImpressArt's 3mm unicase Homeroom letter set! Impress a little schoolhouse rock into hand-stamped jewellery and keepsakes with letters reminiscent of lessons written on a chalkboard. With a relaxed, sans serif, hand-written feel, this letter set is ideal for both beginner stampers as well as advanced stampers who are looking for another A+ hand 'stamp'manship to add to their collection.

Size: 3mm (will stamp letters approximately 3mm tall).
Stamps soft metals-gold, silver, pewter, nickel, copper, brass, alkeme, aluminium. Not suitable for stamping on hard metals like Stainless Steel.
Stamps are not plated and will oxidise if oil is wiped off. Keep dry and away from moisture. Apply oil to protect against rust when stored.
Each stamp is not labelled.
Letter sets include A - Z and Ampersand stamps.
Simple plastic storage case.


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