Banner<br>Pewter Stamping Blank<br>45mm x 9.5mm

Banner<br>Pewter Stamping Blank<br>45mm x 9.5mm

Pewter Stamping Blank
45mm x 9.5mm

Achieve an elevated, handcrafted look with Artisan™ stamping blanks. ImpressArt’s cast pewter blanks are simple to hand stamp and make it easy to create finished jewellery. Plated pewter blanks have real silver and real gold plating to provide added durability for stamping and longer wear.

Pewter-16 Gauge
Real Gold Plate, Real Rose Gold Plate and Real Silver Plate.
Lead, Nickel and Cadmium Free.
Made in USA.


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Pewter Real Gold Plate
Pewter Real Rose Gold Plate
Pewter Real Silver Plate

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